A new start…

I have survived. Two weeks in and I am still standing.

But let’s rewind, give you a bit on context to what has happened and why I’m acting as if I just made it through stage 1 of the apocalypse. Several months back I decided it was time to move on from graphic design and take on some new challenges. I really enjoy being a designer, but I felt as if there was something missing. I couldn’t build anything. So fast forward a few months and I am enrolled in CodeClan skipping home hugging my laptop absolutely terrified and overly excited.

Pre-course work – 3 weeks.
Mix of emotions during this part. Working alone had its perks but the downside was that when I got stuck and resorted to my good old friend Google, I got to the solution, but there was no one there to tell me why my code was wrong or follow my trail of gibberish and say “Oh yeah, ok I follow you, but actually if you look at it this way….”. This part made anxious to be in a class environment and get comprehensible explanations, not 6 pages of experienced coders offering alternative solutions I couldn’t even begin to decipher.

I also started getting nervous about my future class mates. Who are they? What will they be like? And the obvious paranoid thought: “oh geez they are going to be so much better than this at me.” If you are at this point stop. You will just have a seizure and die.

The first conversations I remember having all started with “how did you get on with the pre-course work?” and after a few awkward glances around we all ended up spewing out our problems, fears, successes and everyone then, for me, became a real person. They stopped being this mob of super gifted androids who would only talk in binary and I could move on with my life and actually worry just about myself.

From then on worrying about myself became secondary to just worrying about for loops. But more about that later…or never.

Codeclan – 2 weeks in.
So far I feel as if every day has lasted about a million hours but the weeks have flown by in a matter of seconds. I am constantly having my mind blown and by the time I start to understand something my mind shuts down and I can feel my brain slowly melting.
Its not all bad though.

I have learnt so much in such a short space of time I need to give my brain time to properly process everything. But as I found out quite quickly coding is incredibly addictive. I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to give my brain a break, I just want to crack the puzzle and keep going for as many hours as humanly possible. It’s come to a point where solving my problems are the only thing occupying all of my current brain power and I end up incorporating my problem into a conversation regardless of the topic.

“So if your holiday was a class…and it had destinations…would you also have a hand luggage class and a check in luggage class or just one suitcase class?”

Yes. People have given up and start treating me like their senile grandmother. Conversation guaranteed. Sense not promised.

I guess it’s hard to sum up the past few weeks. I guess there’s a lot of fear about everything. Pressing return and having your computer blow up, getting errors, being constantly overwhelmed with information, not understanding one thing, not understanding anything… It’s ok. Apparently it will click.

I’m not sure what happens when that ‘click’ moment comes, but I hope it’s as rewarding as getting a green pass message on tests and having a team of people wave flags in my honour. Maybe I’ll even get a cookie.  Will keep you posted.


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