Hey Java,

We’ve had a pretty intense week together. We had some good times this week. We made some things public, we kept some things private, we had a nice time making bears eat hikers and throw up salmon. You do have a lot of theory I’m still unsure about but we can catch up on that later. Over all, it’s been a pretty dense week.

However, I have a few issues I think we need to discuss. Yes, I like the fact that you’re more strict about certain things and I think we could all benefit from a bit more structure. You’re not always easy to read or understand, but hey, we just met. I’m sure I can figure out your quirks with more experience.

I do however feel that you are not quite there yet on a personal level and have a bit of an attitude problem. So far you have not helped build my confidence or boost my self esteem at all. All I need is a nice succinct error message. I don’t need you to rattle on for 20 lines about how wrong I am. Getting yourself so worked up that all you can really manage at the end is to scream about my failures?  It’s  a bit excessive. I wish you had the same enthusiasm about my successes.


Is that all the enthusiasm you can muster? Fine.

I’m not too sure what to make of you yet. We are gonna be spending a lot more time together, but for now, I’m leaving our relationship status as: “It’s complicated”
(“You’re complicated” was not an option).

Some regards..